Dialysis centre in Grajewo

ul. Konstytucji 3 Maja 34
19-200 Grajewo
Telefon: 86 222 34 25


Tue., Thu., Sat.: 6.00 - 22.00
Mon., Wed., Fri.: closed

Dialysis centre in Grajewo

If you are looking for a place for dialysis in Podlaskie Voivodeship, a dialysis centre in Grajewo is worth considering. Dialysis centre in Grajewo provides hemodialysis treatment with the use of specialised dialysis machines operated by our qualified medical team. Safety, comfort and care - here you can count on this. Dialysis centre in Grajewo is also worth considering if you are on vacation nearby. We recommend guest dialysis at this dialysis centre as the town is a great starting point for exploring the region. Read more about it below.


Grajewo was initially named Grajawy, and according to the first information about the town, its history dates back to the 15th century. The town, located in Podlaskie Voivodeship by the Ełk River, boasts rich and long history which took its toll on the today's image of the town. During World War I and World War II it was almost completely destroyed by the German army. Apart from the dialysis centre, Grajewo is also a great starting point, e.g. for visiting the biggest national park in Poland - Biebrza National Park. Dairy Tradition Centre – Museum of Milk is an amazing and intriguing Grajewo attraction. Are you thinking about guest dialysis in this region? Grajewo might be an interesting choice!

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